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The Divvun and Giellatekno teams build language technology aimed at minority and indigenous languages

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Task list, summer

  1. Work on plans for new oahpa
    1. Look at existing oahpas, and take the sum of all features present
      1. (Lene will write in Oahpa-notes)
      2. Tiina++ also to write there
    2. Correct errors
    3. Look at code and plan for modularisation
  2. view/konteaksta
    1. Documentation: Grammar learning
    2. Logo: Binoculars (former artist: Kjellaug Isaksen) (Lene will ask her, if not: Bjørn)
    3. Try out with students: In the autumn
    4. Firefox plugin (discuss with Heli)
    5. Minor
      1. hum. in addresses: replace with, and update to 2016-2026
    6. Issues
      1. Make the process faster (Heli)
      2. Firefox plugin (is it possible of not)
      3. Login mechanism: In the autumn (evt.: Look at why it is down)
  3. Installing programs etc.
    1. Forrest