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The Divvun and Giellatekno teams build language technology aimed at minority and indigenous languages

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Meeting between Polderland and Divvun (and UiTø project)



Divvun/Saami Parliament:

University/disambiguation project:

Communication channels


E-mail addresses available upon request (to reduce spam).


Also AIM screen names are available upon requests (but the Divvun screen names can be found on other pages on this site).


The news server requires username and password, and does only allow connections from selected domains.


[] where you may register yourself


To be found at: []



Planned drop dates:

Project issues

Coordination meetings every Tuesday morning, 9:30 unless agreed otherwise.

	Project phases
	Project Progress measurement
	Testing (including acceptance testing)
	Risk management
	Lexical sample material
	Cooperative development (e.g., form of lexical material)
	Staff availability

	Spelling Checker:
		* can internal spelling lexicon be based on Polderland PLX format,
			or is an extension with e.g. automata necessary?
		==> requires analysis of sample material:
			- level of agglutination
			- sound / letter changes in agglutination
			- agglutination vs. compounding

		* are lists of hyphenated words available?
		* there are rule sets in the XFST formalism that will insert
		  hyphenation points in the input string

	Mac applications:
		* PowerPC vs. Intel? - both
		* XCode vs. CodeWarrior?

Linguistic issues

Basic grammar information can be found at: []

Tags for derivation

These tags will get a common prefix (+Der/ replacing +) in a near future.

+adda +ahtti +alla +asti +easti +aš +d +eaddji +eamoš +amoš +eapmi +g +geahtes +gielat !better: +Der/NuA

+h +heapmi +hudda +huhtti +huvva +halla +j +l +laš +las +hat

+meahttun +muš +n +st +stuvva +upmi +supmi +us +vuohta +lágan

+Dimin +viđá +viđi +veara +duohke +duohkai +vuolle +vuollai +vuolde +š <== Dim +goahti <== inchoative

Output from the disambiguator

        "gullat" V TV Ind Prt Pl3 @+FMAINV
        "álgu" N Sg Gen @GP>
        "rájes" Po @ADVL
        "girkoeise#váldi" N Pl Ill @ADVL
        "," CLB
        "bisma" N Pl Ill @ADVL