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The Divvun and Giellatekno teams build language technology aimed at minority and indigenous languages

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Meeting setup


Cf. one of the following, depending on context:

Opening, agenda review, participants

Divvun 2.0 release


34 open bugs: TODO!!

Prio for Maja:

Vokal + vokal ved ordgrense, der andre ordet byrjar på:

  1. lang vokal
  2. kort vokal
  3. diftong

Bindestrek eller ikkje mellom orda?

Cns - Vow Vow

Cns = n, j, or s

[Vow Vow ^ Vow]   aa  ee   - only, NOT ææ, or åå, or öö or ii or oo


It is on it’s way - Sjur talked to Roger Østby, head of the communication/PR department at SD.

He and his team will also handle meeting room, invitation to the release, etc.


Who: Maja+Tomi+Thomas

Documentation updates

README file?


Windows testing on the following OS’s and Office versions:


Technical testing - what to test:

If there are special considerations the user needs to be aware of, make sure to add it to the documentation.

Web page(s)

New version is GOOD! :D


nov 19: binaries, NSIS Win installer(s) from the Netherlands, new lexicons ready nov 22: Mac installers ready nov 26: testing finished nov 29: backup compilation of lexicons dec 1: final compilation of lexicons, deadline for user documentation, sticker dec 2: deadline for cd image dec 3: cd burning dec 7: travelling dec 8: release