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Møte Sjur, Trond



Spør Kyrre:


Sitat frå ein kort chat om tema for Canada-samlinga:

Trosterud Trond:
	canada coming closer
	what languages will I have to learn before I come?
Jordan Lachler:
	we're doing more cherokee this year, and perhaps also Nahuatl...
	and some as-yet-undetermined Athabaskan language
	nothing you can't handle :)
Trosterud Trond:
	:-D weell, we’ll see about that. But that sounds nice. … and it is good to
	know what to expect. What about the extension from plains cree to xyz cree?
Jordan Lachler:
	yes, I think there will be some discussion of that... I think Anntti wants
	to have Arok walk us through the differences in the various flavours of Cree
	and probably some discussion of Ojibwe with our new postdoc, I think