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The Divvun and Giellatekno teams build language technology aimed at minority and indigenous languages

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S&T-møte 1.6.2022


Alberta neste veke

Frå Antti:

2. Special themes with UiT contributions

Currently we’re envisioning the theme session on:

1) what role language technology and computational resources can play in language pedagogy and how, that we’ve requested you to prepare introductory presentations for, to take place on Tuesday afternoon (at least the first 1.5h at 2.00-3.30pm MDT, if not longer).

Besides that, I’m presuming that Sjur being in Europe would make having

2) the spell-checking / morpheme-completion / keyboards session work best Wednesday morning, taking up the first 1.5h during 9am-noon.

Tromsøtema i programmet

Sjå nedanfor. Vi er bede om:

Diskutere dette ca. kl 14.00 norsk tid måndag


Monday, June 6

Tuesday, June 7

Wednesday, June 8


On this day, participants will have the opportunity to introduce themselves and share their Partnership-relevant research and work activities. Presentations will run for ~20 minutes for individual and partner presentations and more time is allotted for presentations from the Indigenous Language Community Partners. Scheduling of the presentations will be based on availability.


During this Council, we will report on the Y3 finances, follow up on outstanding items from the Winter PGM, and discuss matters for the mid-term report. If you have any items that you would like to raise during the Council, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate suggested topics of discussion.


The dates and time for each of the workshop themes are yet to be determined. Please check back for updates.

giella-shared vs shared-XXX

giella-shared # går ut
shared-eng    # engelske namn, laga for Canada
shared-mul    # symbol og teiknsetjing
shared-smi    # internasjonale namn (Timbuktu)
shared-urj-Cyrl # russiske namn felles for uralske språk

giella-shared er på veg ut.

smj får sme-namn (dvs. namn frå sme-prop utan +OLANG/) i nominativ. Viss dei skal bli bøygd må dei inn i smj som vanlege smj-namn.

Meld problem som issue i relevant git-katalog.

SMA-nummer av Nordlyd

Møte kl 12 i dag?


Tidsfrist/tidsplan? Sjur sjekkar med Inga.