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The Divvun and Giellatekno teams build language technology aimed at minority and indigenous languages

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Divvun/Disamb Seminar in Tromsø

Suggested content that’s still not scheduled:



Monday 11.30-16

The meeting starts with lunch in Sjampanjekantina. 11.30.

Common 12-13.30 (1,5 h)

13.30-14.45 (split in two groups)

15-16 (all)

Software updates/maintenance:

Tuesday 8.30-11.30

(Computational) linguistics 9.40-11.30

We split in 3 different groups

  1. Techni group: Børre, Sjur (updates)
  2. Arabic group: Saara, Linda
  3. Alphab group: Tomi, Trond, Ilona

Tuesday 12-16

Wednesday 8.30-11.30

XQuery/eXist/proper names continued

Wednesday 12-16


Sjur and Børre in meeting - all day?

Thursday 8.30-11.30

Thursday 12-16

To be allocated

Groups: ling: * Ilona, Linda tech: * Saara, Tomi, Sjur, Børre, Trond twol: * Sjur, Trond


Routines for addition to lexicon, cooperation wrt. new corpus texts coming in

eXist/XQuery/XSL/webapp/ names tasks (17,5h/2d2,5h):


We have seen important progress in some but very limited fields, but there are still open issues.

Evaluated against our expectations the week was too short.

One lesson to learn is that we should have met better prepared, we should have gone through the issues in beforehand, so that we could concentrate upon the really hard problems.

It was nice to meet face to face, both for the first time, and for the long-time-no-see factor.